Hi! I'm Maud

Born from my love for, knowledge of and experience in working with as many different people as their life stories and my own quest to find purpose in life: Pallas Astrology is the place where I share my knowledge of the archetypal cosmos with the aim to inspire and to empower you in living out your own and unique meaningful lifestory. This is the place where my experience as a counselor and my knowledge of astrology and her sister sciences and practices come together to serve you. I’m available as a counselor, astrologer and tarot reader. 

Working with archetypes

In this modern day and age, where more and more of us are living secularized lives, we are deprived of the rich meaning and inspiration that religions and mythological worldviews have to offer. But no matter if one is religious or not, archetypes are always present in life. I like to go back to the myths of old, to the archetypal images on tarot cards and to the planets in the heavens above; because they support us in understanding and giving meaning to life. 


“I did an indepth birth chart reading with Maud after quite a difficult experience. I was feeling quite scared of what the universe had in store for me and was feeling that the future and the universe was a scary place. Maud’s gentle energy and her presence were just what I needed. She offered me a beautiful reading, her knowledge is incredible, and she offered me an open heart. I am so grateful for her reading and her work. She is so easy to connect with and really does her work with so much love and passion. She helped me restore my faith and trust in myself and the universe. I am forever grateful for the time she gave me.”


“I had a Tarot reading done by lovely Maud. What I received was more than a spread. Maud is extremely intuitive and knowledgeable of astrology and reading Tarot. She really cares and wants to go to the core. She explains with detail of what she picks up on. I felt calm during and after the reading. I recommend Maud and will do more with her in the future.”


“Maud is without a doubt one of the most knowledgeable, intuitive, and humble women I know. Her tarot and birth chart readings have given profound clarity, and her understanding of astrology is unmatched. I know that when I go to her with a question — tarot or astrology-based — she will dive in head first. After receiving a birth chart reading from her, it was clear which path I needed to direct my life. Not to mention, she’s always reachable when you have a question after your reading!”

The Archetypal Cosmos

As an astrologer, tarot reader and counselor, I work with archetypes. Working with archetypes is the common thread in the services that I offer. It has been through my astrology practice, that I consciously started working with archetypes. The planets and the signs are, in fact, archetypes. Studying and working with the archetypal cosmos has enabled me to work with archetypes more consciously in tarot and in counseling too. For me, astrology opens the door to the archetypal cosmos and to our inner psyches and souls. That’s one reason that astrology is the main focus of my practice.


The archetypal cosmos, represented by astrological symbolism, is the source of all the energies that animates human life in all its forms of expression. “We are all enacting mythic and archetypal themes in every moment through our own personal experiences. The same archetypal energies depicted in myth, the same energies that give rise to myths, are also behind the experiences in our own lives. These energies are, in each and every moment, acting through us, unconsciously shaping and forming our experiences, pervading our imagination. They are experienced somatically, intellectually, emotionally. The same principles and powers portrayed in myth are expressed in every human life, in every thought and deed, and in every impulse and in every feeling. Thus, the archetype Venus is not just expressed in myth and in art, or in works of film or literature or music, but in every experience of romantic love, beauty, friendship or pleasure.” (Keiron Le Grice, 2010)

(Art: an Offering to Venus)

Archetypal Astrology

“Archetypal astrology offers a method by which we can accurately identify the different archetypal principles, unconscious complexes, instinctual drives, centres of will, and psychological functions that together shape the deeper dynamics of human experience, thereby helping to consciously connect an individual to the ‘order and realities of the psyche’ and thus fulfilling the psychological function of myth.” (Keiron Le Grice, 2010) Using the analysis of birth charts, one is able to determine the major archetypal themes of individual biography and the major archetypal complexes shaping the individual’s personality. Using transit analysis, one is able to map the changes in the relationships between the archetypal principles over time and thus to illuminate the qualitative and thematic changes in human experience. 

(Art: Artemis / Diana)