Crossing Boundaries and Playing with Fate

The Mercurial Arts in the Counseling Practice and in Divinatory Practices

There’s always a risk when you ask a question on life. You don’t know what answer you’ll receive. Whether you pose a question as a client to a counselor / astrologer / tarot reader, but also as a counselor to a client; you’ll need to work with the answer that follows. When you ask a question to another person, to your tarot deck, to the stars or to whatever collection of possible omens that might be available to you; you’ll be confronted with certain words, cards, constellations or the like and you’ll need to deal with the answer that’s given to you / the answer that you’ll find (whether you like it or not).

Mercury (Roman) / Hermes (Greek) is the messenger of the gods. He moves between light and dark, day and night, the living and the dead. He’s the guide of souls, the trickster and the thief. Mercury crosses boundaries. Mercury plays. Mercury is all about fate and chance. Mercury is the one that throws the dice. Mercury is also the one that helps us to understand, to read, to communicate, to translate. Hermeneutics is at play whenever we read. We call upon our inner Hermes as counselors / therapists / astrologers whenever we engage with clients. We turn to Hermes when we explore the depths ow our own psyche too.

In this webinar we’ll explore the archetype of Mercury / Hermes. Examples are given how this archetype presents itself in the counselling practice and in divinatory practices. In this webinar we’ll explore the idea of needing to answer to Mercury’s call of ‘taking a chance’ / ‘daring to risk’. The gifts of Mercury / Hermes show themselves when one dares to take a leap of faith. Bringing the Mercurial arts into your counselling practice or your divinatory practice enriches your (professional) skills. Let’s explore the ‘art of play’ in work and life together. 


When: Thursday June 10th 2021, 6pm CET – approx. 7.30 pm CET 

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Where: Zoom, or watch the video of webinar in your own time, it will be available for download 24 hours after the live webinar

Pricing: 5,- euro excluding VAT if you sign up before June 1st 2021 CET, 6,50 excl. VAT from June onwards

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Crossing Boundaries and Playing with Fate