Note: the prices on this page don’t include taxes (VAT). Prices including VAT will be calculated automatically when you purchase a consultation. (The VAT percentage depends on the client’s location.) Sessions take place via Zoom. If you live in the Netherlands, I’m also open to meet in person in Utrecht for the counseling sessions (the 20 minute intake session is always online, on Zoom, but the other sessions can take place in person). In case you want to meet in Utrecht for the counseling sessions, please note it in the intake form below. Sessions can take place in English or Dutch.

When you purchase the counseling series you can pick an available time and date in my calendar for your intake session. A link to our Zoom meeting will be send to you automatically via email (make sure your enter your email address correctly).

Archetypal Counseling

Let me first explain what counseling is. Most people know about therapy and coaching. Counseling is very much alike therapy and coaching, and it’s also very different from therapy and coaching. Therapy, in essence, is treatment. Coaching is aimed at activating the client to undertake certain action; to support the client in moving towards a certain goal. Counseling is similar to both and it is different. As a counselor I focus on all that encompasses a client, not just the issue that needs to be fixed or the goal that needs to be approached. Lots of life’s challenges aren’t really things that need treatment; it’s perfectly normal to feel hopeless in certain challenging times or after the experience of loss. However, that doesn’t mean that the hopelessness, or whatever that is going on, shouldn’t be addressed. Healing goes much faster and much more efficient when we take care of our wounds. 

As an academically trained existential counselor I possess a similar skillset and knowledge of the human mind and behavior as a therapist. Only my approach is different. I’m not a therapist, I don’t offer treatment, I offer counseling. My knowledge and skillset enables me to address what most modern coaches have trouble addressing: the things that people can’t be coached out off. Sometimes we have to sit and experience the ugly stuff in life, before we can work through it. In modern society, where coaches are so popular, we often skip taking the time to heal, because jumping into action seems more efficient. However, our actions become more efficient after we’ve taken some time to heal. My counseling sessions support you in healing, expressing your inner voice, giving meaning to the things you’ve had to overcome, finding your purpose and building the goddamn power to claim that purpose. You won’t need any coaching after that! Because, after a few sessions with me, you’ll be ready to be your own coach.

I offer archetypal counseling series because there’s much value in working with archetypes. The archetypes and stories of old can offer much support to us now. Athena supports us when we stand alone. Demeter shows us how to deal with loss. Venus teaches us to follow our desires. Even though we are all unique and each and every life story is significantly different… at the same time we are not as different as we like to think we are and our stories are not as unique as we like to think they are. Our stories have been lived and written many times before and we can learn from them. I love to work with tarot and mythology in the counseling series. I also draw inspiration from depth psychology and the works of Carl Jung.

This Counseling Series consists of 4 sessions of 1 hour spread over two months + a free 20 minute intake session. I offer a payment plan; payment is spread over two months.

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How do we set up a meeting?

When you purchase a counseling series you can pick an available time and date in my calendar for the intake session. After you've purchased your session, and at least 24 hours before the session is scheduled, I'll send you a link to our Zoom meeting via email (make sure your enter your email address correctly). 

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